• Paula Cucurella

The clown’s crumbs

Updated: Aug 23

This is the story of a man that wanted to live surrounded by healthy people, happy people, positive people, and a clown was invited to have dinner at his house. Upon arrival, the clown was asked to come in and leave his shoes on, and he sat at the man’s table with his beautiful and happy family; they talked about healing, and the clown spilled crackers everywhere—cockroaches under his clown shoes. They had a good time, and that night, back at his house, once again the clown forgot to take off his makeup, while at the man’s house everybody was sleeping, and a tiny woman gathered the crumbs and put them in a jar she kept in the man’s closet. When the winter came, the man could only eat these crumbs in little pauses between naps, so delicate was his stomach, but soon after, he was fine again, a healthy man among healthy people.

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