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Paula Cucurella

Paula Cucurella is an essayist, poet, and translator. Her poems have been published in Mexican poetry journals (Círculo de poesía, Revista Monolito, La Rabia del Axolote, and Revista Marcapiel) and in Revista Laboratorio (Chile). She is the literary translator of El Can de Kant by David Johnson (Metales Pesados, November 2018), El Mundo en Llamas by David Johnson (Pólvora Editorial, 2019) and co-translator of Bottles to the Sea (SUNY, 2014), and of poems by Rosa Alcalá and Eileen Miles. Her academic work has been published in The New Centennial Review, Revista Laboratorio, Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, and Latino Studies, among other journals. She has published two poetry books Demasiada luz para hacer poesía  (Dobleaeditores, Santiago, Chile), and Los últimos inanes días, (2020, Dobleaeditores, Santiago, Chile, bilingual edition 2023).   Nicanor Parra, Jacques Derrida, y la poesía en tiempos de censura: un ensayo was published in 2021 (Santiago, Chile, Pólvora Editorial). Paula has a PhD in Comparative Literature (SUNY at Buffalo) and is currently living in California and working on her dissertation for a PhD in Hispanic Studies (UC Riverside).

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